Alexander hotel Schiphol airport taxi with welcome service is quite nice.

Would you like to arrange this service for your or someone else’s arrival? Alexander hotel Schiphol taxi with welcome service arrival is an executive service that is even considerably cheaper than the taxis that are waiting for passengers at Schiphol.

If you want to book this Schiphol taxi service, you can do so directly online. After arrival, the driver will be waiting for you on behalf of the Alexander hotel.

Simply getting into a taxi at Schiphol can be expensive. Taxis that have not been ordered in advance may only drive on the taxi meter. Your taxi ride to Alexander hotel will then cost between €70 and €90

Pay only € 45 for your taxi from Schiphol to Alexander hotel

But of course you can also book your taxi in advance from Alfred hotel to Schiphol. You therefore pay a fixed and low rate.

You can book a standard taxi for up to 4 passengers or a taxi minivan for up to 7 passengers. Check your luggage in advance. A standard taxi only accepts luggage that fits in the trunk.

Car or Minivan