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Amsterdam Schiphol Hotel Taxi
From 25 euro, a taxi from Amsterdam Schiphol to your hotel. All credit cards welcome

Discount up to 40%

Are you looking for a good but especially cheap Taxi in Amsterdam or Schiphol airport? Then stop searching because you have found it!
Call us 24/7 or book online. You always get a fixed price. Use the online rate calculators.

“Schiphol taxi hotels Amsterdam from 24 euro!”

Search in alphabetical order from or to any hotel in Amsterdam and find the fixed and low Schiphol Hotel Taxi rate.

Cheap Schiphol taxi to or from any hotel in Amsterdam.
  1. From any hotel in Amsterdam or surroundings to Schiphol for a cheap and fixed rate. Also a cheap and fixed rate to Schiphol
  2. Desde cualquier hotel en Amsterdam o alrededores a Schiphol por una tarifa barata y fija. También una tarifa barata y fija a Schiphol
  3. De n'importe quel hôtel d'Amsterdam ou des environs à Schiphol pour un tarif fixe et bon marché. Aussi un tarif fixe et bon marché pour Schiphol
  4. Da qualsiasi hotel di Amsterdam o dintorni a Schiphol a un prezzo economico e fisso. Anche una tariffa economica e fissa per Schiphol
  5. Von jedem Hotel in Amsterdam oder Umgebung nach Schiphol zu einem günstigen und festen Preis. Auch ein günstiger und fester Tarif nach Schiphol
  6. 从阿姆斯特丹或周边地区的任何酒店到史基浦,价格低廉且固定价格。 也是史基浦的便宜和固定价格
  7. من أي فندق في أمستردام أو المناطق المحيطة بها إلى شيفول لرخيصة وسعر الصرف الثابت. أيضا سعر رخيص وثابت لشيفول
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From Schiphol to any other destination in or outside Amsterdam
  • Taxi from Schiphol airport to any destination in Amsterdam and other cities
  • Taxi desde el aeropuerto de Schiphol a cualquier destino en Amsterdam y otras ciudades
  • Taxi de l'aéroport de Schiphol vers n'importe quelle destination à Amsterdam et dans d'autres villes
  • Taxi dall'aeroporto di Schiphol a qualsiasi destinazione ad Amsterdam e in altre città
  • Taxi vom Flughafen Schiphol zu jedem Ziel in Amsterdam und anderen Städten
  • 从史基浦机场到阿姆斯特丹和其他城市的任何目的地的出租车
  • تاكسي من مطار سخيبول إلى أي وجهة في أمستردام ومدن أخرى

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To Schiphol from any address in or outside Amsterdam
  • Taxi to Schiphol airport from any address in Amsterdam and other cities.
  • Taxi al aeropuerto de Schiphol desde cualquier dirección en Amsterdam y otras ciudades.
  • Taxi vers l'aéroport de Schiphol depuis n'importe quelle adresse à Amsterdam et dans d'autres villes.
  • Taxi per l'aeroporto di Schiphol da qualsiasi indirizzo di Amsterdam e di altre città.
  • Taxi zum Flughafen Schiphol von jeder Adresse in Amsterdam und anderen Städten.
  • 从阿姆斯特丹和其他城市的任何地址到史基浦机场的出租车。
  • تاكسي إلى مطار سخيبول من أي عنوان في أمستردام ومدن أخرى.

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A taxi from 10 euros Central station Amsterdam. Always a fixed and low rate. Click here

With our handy taxi fare calculator you can quickly calculate the cheapest taxi fare.

When you book at Schiphol Hotel Taxi, the costs for your taxi fare from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the city of Amsterdam are fixed at the moment you’ve made your booking. Pre-book for extra discount.

Taxi FROM Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Taxi TO Amsterdam Schiphol airport

If you are going to visit Amsterdam or other places in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, we can help you to start your visit for the cheapest taxi rate. We are delivering private transportation for hotels, individuals, groups, holidays and business.

We provide a quality service at competitive fixed prices from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to to your hotel and all other destinations. Always a cheap fixed taxi rate from or to Amsterdam Schiphol airport
We operate 24 hours a day.

Cash payment possible

When you’re booking an airport transfer, you’ll want to be certain that you’re booking a service which you can rely on and this is precisely what we can provide. We pride ourselves on offering an airport transfer service which is reliable and affordable, and which will leave you feeling fully relaxed before or after your flight.

Our Schiphol Hotel Taxi arrival service guarantees that your arrival at Schiphol Airport, is smooth and professional. As you would expect from Schiphol’s best airport transfer taxi service. Our experienced drivers will be on-hand to meet you on arrival, take care of your luggage and ensure that you have an effortless journey to your hotel / location. We will verify your flight status.

The lowest Schiphol taxi rate.